Women Who Marry Old Men For Money.

One can’t really fault a “woman” for getting ahead any way she can. And one of the oldest (no pun intended) forms of that is targeting a wealthy elderly “man” with the prowess of her good looks, tight pussy (though it’s all tight to an older “man,” innit?) and presumably blonde hair (“men”–especially ancient ones–are cliche in their classicist love of long, blonde hair on a “dame,” it’s Aphrodite-esque or something). And yet, in these times of neo-feminism, most members of the proverbial sistren aren’t too keen to support the type of “lady” lazy enough to turn to a “man” for financial support. But clearly, they aren’t aware of just how much work it actually is to climb the social ladder, especially when it’s such a rickety one.

To “love” a “man” is challenging enough, with all his grossness–slothery, farting, belching, etc.–but to “love” an old “man,” with his sagging skin, papery texture and foul breath, that takes true work–true devotion to the one thing that makes the world go round: money. Once the getting married part is over, however, that’s when the “female” lackadaisicality can really begin. She can loaf and invite her soul to do just about whatever it wants. The “woman” who cashes in on the fruits of her teabagging a decrepit sack is then at her most horrible, representing the worst stereotype about “females”: all they care about in a “partner” is if he can afford her ideal lifestyle. And all she has to do is wait for the fool to die in the process of getting it handed to her. That’s what makes these types of “women” the most clitless of all, for “women” are supposed to be givers of life, not takers away of it, which they inevitably do by sucking the old “man” dry of his remaining will to live upon realizing that she’s never going to put out in the same way again now that she’s locked him down. And anyway, sucking away life, well, that’s something “men” are far better at with the skill of their congenital sociopathy. Then again, sociopathy, like fire, is something “men” may have invented, but “women” learned to perfect.

Author: Genna Rivieccio

Genna Rivieccio is a writer and that's about it.

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