Women Who Play the Innocente About Their Pre-Fame Nude Photos Being Released.

Possibly the only female celebrity who has ever owned up without shame to having nude photos of herself leaked is Madonna. Rather than shy away from the controversy, she welcomed it, declaring what became a now illustrious New York Post cover titled, “I’m not ashamed.” Though the photos were highly violating and sold to Playboy and Penthouse by the skeevy “art” photographer against the then freshly famous pop star’s will, she didn’t try to play the innocente about her past.

Most “women” who do sexually “devious” things before becoming famous in order to become famous will attempt to distance themselves from the scandal of their photos or videos (even Paris and Kim initially acted appalled by the “leak” of their respective sex tapes) upon their “unexpected” release. This false display of martyrdom rarely comes across as authentic and only serves to accent the perpetuated sense of puritanism Americans feel about sex. Why not just admit to the public that to be naked is to attract surefire attention? No matter how the sands of time billow forward, this is the one tactic that has and will probably always spark interest. Acting shocked by it isn’t fooling an increasingly jaded audience who, at this point, just wants you to take your top off and shut the fuck up with that faux “Oops” bit of yours.

Author: Genna Rivieccio

Genna Rivieccio is a writer and that's about it.

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