Women Who Take Vaxxies.

As part of yet another aspect of the vexing nature of American vaxxing, we not only have to contend with women who proudly shout, “Vaxxed and waxed, baby!” but also women who gleefully post vaccine selfies—since given its own term, “the vaxxie” (so momentous… for not since “belfie” has such a selfie-related word entered the social media lexicon). 

As women grow increasingly less self-conscious about parading their privilege while countries (most especially India) continue to not only battle COVID-19 but also have no access to either vaccines or an adequate vaccine rollout plan, the prevalence of the vaxxie has shown up more and more in social media feeds. But, thanks to celebrities and politicians (often the same thing these days) further “setting the trend” for how okay it is to showcase your “perfect shot,” the civilians have decided to follow suit in droves. 

While the average selfie is deemed just another endemic symptom of narcissism in our post-Instagram culture, the vaxxie is, people like to tell themselves, actually doing one’s part to boost faith and confidence in the vaccine to any of the skittish types out there—or just the full-on anti-vaxxers, who perhaps ought to form their own island along with the white supremacists. 

And, so long as you’re “doing your part,” why not at least get something out of it? Something that will make others really stop and notice what a “super great” person you are for fulfilling something that is now requisite. Oh, but silly girl, no one is actually looking at anyone. Everything we see on social media seems to cast only vague impressions that we move on from, ergo people acting as though they didn’t see exactly what was happening in your life already the next time they see you in person. Thus, the repressed need of many women to scream, “I know you fucking saw my Instagram, why are you pretending you didn’t see me get vaccinated?!”

As time wears on, perhaps the vaxxie will fade out after the novelty dissipates and “everyone” is theoretically jabbed. Or maybe it will be a yearly tradition, further spurred by the various new strains that will inevitably keep coming into existence as those delighting in vaxxies ignore the horrors going on in other countries. 

Author: Genna Rivieccio

Genna Rivieccio is a writer and that's about it.

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