Women Who Take Pictures “At” BLM Protests for Their Social Media Accounts.

White ladies are having a “difficult” time right now. In short, they don’t know what to do with them damn selves amid a climate that no longer focuses solely on them (that is, unless it’s to highlight their Karen-ness). And that’s a hard spotlight to relinquish when they’ve been so accustomed to taking hold of it over the past, oh, century or so (’cause mind you, it was white “men” before them who had a complete hold on it). And so, not one to simply let black people have the microphone to themselves during this peak of political oppression, white women have decided to take a “creative” approach to remaining part of the conversation: documenting themselves within the framework of it. 

You’ve heard of the type, but never really believed she could be real. The basic bitch channeling that basicness into the likes of posting a black square on her Instagram as a way to “honor Dr. King or whatever.” Even though doing that really pained her for an entire day–an entire day of not posting about herself or some product she was beholden to shill for whatever nebulous company is paying her to put up photos for a living. She might have even lost some money on her “big” endeavor of activism. And of course one will notice that, up until the death of George Floyd becoming an international scandal and reigniting source of outrage, the color palette of the “influencer’s” social media account was entirely, well, white.

It starts to get black around the day of the black square posting, with the shades quickly fading back, once more, to white. That white skin tone being paraded “at” the BLM protests she’s sure to get her boyfriend to snap her photo in front of without having even the slightest clue about the suffering behind it. To her, it’s another trend to follow, insurance that she’ll be classified as being “on the right side of history.” But thanks to her, who knew that even on the right side of it there could be so much wrongness?